Be You! The world will adjust!
Be You! The world will adjust!



…continuation of „AFRICAN PRINCE“ (ii)


Finally, I was almost done with the long trip. All I could see around me were strangers, strangers of different colours and there was absolutely no one I could identify. The situation was sincerely entirely new to me. I found myself in a strange place filled with strangers, I guess I was the stranger. I found my way through the small Airport to the Baggage Claim section. Once again comes the panic attack, I was just hoping my two bags were there, because if they were not, I would not have known what to do.



Gladly, they arrived after a long wait. My precious “Ghana-must-go” bag containing all the African food items my mum could pack for me and my very big bag of clothing. I gently got a cart, put both bags on it and walked out of the Airport.



For the very first time, I was on the street of a city in Germany. Reflecting back to the way I pronounced the name of the city, I laugh at myself. The way I pronounced it rhymes with “Fried rice”. I felt like I was in a Ghost town. The street was empty and everywhere was white! Covered with snow, quiet and very cold. I found the way to the Train station but could not succeed in getting a Train ticket so I opted for a taxi. Made the negotiations and gave the driver the details of my destination.



I stared out of the window of the luxurious Benz taxi and all I could see was a new world unfolding and unwrapping around me. I had no idea of what was ahead of me, but to achieve greatness in life, one has to take risks, knowing that Opportunity is like a one-haired fast running man. If you don’t grab that string of hair now, you may never have a second chance. So, I left my fears in the taxi as I alighted to take my baggage from the trunk of the car.



Just like life itself, the journey continues…


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