breathe! My sacks slowly ripping out of my chest,My eyes gently shutting in its sockets,Vaguely trying to trace the noise.
 Breathe! I said to myself,
Expecting the tiny voices in my head to put me straight.
Each one harder than the next,
Quickly, but silently consumed from within.
My sacks slowly ripping out of my chest,
My eyes gently shutting in its sockets,
Vaguely trying to trace the noise.
All at once becoming too rowdy,
My sunny days seem cloudy.
At once! Nature opened its wings,
Blew its riches over my face,
Panting forces walking away,
Stridor waves becoming still,
One more breath,
All I long for!

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About the author

Ikeoluwa Oluwayemi
Inspired by daily occurrences, Oluwayemi Ikeoluwapo writes about various scenarios of love, heartbreak, gender equality, and many others. She is a queen crowned by God, directed by the Holy Spirit, and blessed to be a Health Scientist and Nurse.

2 thoughts on “BREATHE

  1. FOAN says:

    “…Panting forces walking away,” love this phrase. 💕
    I deeply relate.
    I’ve come to understand that even the perfect breeze in a serene environment doesn’t secure relief to the chaos within but, a single breathe from the Source of all living, dissolves every cloud clustered inside my being.
    #deepbreaths 😊

    1. Valtoy B. says:

      wow…I am glad to hear this. Thanks for sharing!


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