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I’ve got my eyes on YOU

Wanting to be at a particular place and position at a particular stage in one’s life plays a huge role in creating a driving force or motivation towards success. It’s always a dream-come-true when you get what you want just as you have wished for it. It makes you feel […]

Community Service

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see” – Mark Twain

Cry me a River!

*sighs* “Not again, they could have locked the door, it would have saved my eyes from beholding such an eyesore”. These and a lot more were the things I said to myself on my way back from my boyfriends’ on a Friday evening. It was a Friday afternoon, the only […]

Feels like Home

“Cry all you want!”, he said as he reached out for the handkerchief. “Let it all out. Relieve your heart of all that burden you’ve been carrying for years”. “Where is the Sharon you used to be? The fearless, bold and courageous woman that does not give up easily”, he […]

WHAT IF… (( by Ms Sanusi ))

Have you ever asked yourself what would have become of you if you were the son/daughter of a pauper? What if you weren’t privileged to be educated? What if you were born in some slum and you had to work on the farm with mum and dad to have food […]