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Which is easier? Walking beaten paths or walking through the forest machete-in hand?

What do you fear more? Lions or snakes? Contentment or failure?

Which steps are easier to take? Experiences or risks?

Is history complete with your name in or out of it?

These thoughts make you itch in your seat, questioning your purpose. You recall achievements and remember how hard you prayed, suffered and how much you sacrificed to get them only to undermine their worth because their euphoria was short-lived.

“What is my true purpose?, I have only been good at following the rules, how can I be expected to lead?”

These thoughts are like stilettos poking at plain boards distorting purpose and ambition. You crave the spotlight but fear you may be blinded by it.

You idolize role models but never want to play a role for others to follow. Development has only been for “self” because your university professor said, “last last na you go dey on your own”.  

“Working for someone won’t kill you because it is even harder to keep your own business afloat”.

A sheer idiosyncrasy that shields the light in your form. So you keep treading old roads until they lead nowhere. You never learned to use a machete so you drop it and run when you see snakes in the grass.

You know the finest sailors are not made by calm seas but you confuse risk with jeopardy. The inability to create our own realities would trap us in others’ until we become mere objects in their history, not because we failed to do, but because we failed to dream.


Hi. I’m Olanrewaju Abiola. A medical student at the university of ilorin.

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