Cry me a River!


*sighs* “Not again, they could have locked the door, it would have saved my eyes from beholding such an eyesore”.

These and a lot more were the things I said to myself on my way back from my boyfriends’ on a Friday evening. It was a Friday afternoon, the only class I was supposed to have didn’t hold so, I decided to pay my boyfriend a surprise visit, since he doesn’t have classes on Fridays. And low and behold, he was in bed with another girl. This is the 3rd time in about 2 months and I think I’ve had enough of this. When he comes back begging this time, as always, I won’t take him back! I was in tears as I walked from Philipson Road through Saunders, down to Benue Road. Various thoughts ran through my mind, if I had a gun, I could commit murder, why would he do this to me? I gave him everything, including my body! As I negotiated the bend that leads to my room, I heard the wheels of a vehicle screech.


When I stopped, a dude got out of the car and started shouting at me. I couldn’t hear him, probably because I wasn’t listening, and at a point, I just screamed and cried out loud. He was startled, He walked up to me and said,

“I’m sorry”.

A hug was what I needed, so I moved closer and wrapped my hands around him. You think I’m mad, yeah? No, I’m not. I’m just a young girl who has been hurt by the person she loves the most. He must be really nice, he hugged me back. After about 10 seconds, I realized I was hugging a total stranger, so I withdrew, wiped my face and said thanks.

As I turned so I could go to my room, he offered to drop me off, I explained to him that I was only a few steps away from my room but he insisted, so I let him drop me off. We exchanged phone numbers, and bade each other good bye. He said his name was Jite.

Jite visited the next day, he asked why I was in tears the previous day, I gladly explained to him. Over the night, I made up my mind to get attached with another guy as soon as possible ‘cos I don’t want my boyfriend coming back and realizing I was still single. I’m not a whore, neither am I a flirt but that’s the best my 18-year old brain could reason out for me.

Soon, Jite and I were best friends and we hung out every other day. He’s a pretty cool nigga, 400l law student, tall, dark and handsome; my ideal man . One day, he dropped me off after an outing, when I got to my room, I began to reminisce the times we spent together, I thought about the things he said to me that made me realize that I could love again and have a ‘perfect relationship’. He once told me he liked me but he wanted me to get over my boyfriend before we start anything. It was about 30 minutes ago we departed and I’m missing him already.

“OMG! I’m getting tooooo attached”

“But he’s such a cool guy, besides, I need another person in my life before that idiot comes back begging”.

I picked up my phone and dialled Jite’s number, he picked up at the 3rd ring;

“Hey baby”,he called.

“Hi, can you come over, there’s an important issue I want to discuss with you.” I said.

“Alright dear, I’ll be there in a bit.”

Soon, I heard a knock on my door, I knew it was Jite. With so much enthusiasm, I reached out for the door, it was Jite :D. He made his way to my reading table, and sat on the chair.

“So young lady, what is it?”, he asked.

“Nothing serious”, I said, as I made my way to his direction and sat on his legs.

“Okay, let’s hear it.”, He said.

I read his lips as he talked I wanted to kiss them.

“Kiss him, that way, you make the relationship official, he becomes your boyfriend and you’ll be happy again”

“No! Don’t! Only hoes do that. He doesn’t think it’s to time start a romantic relationship, use your head!”

“You need him to make you happy, you know he likes you, why not take the bold step, you could lose him to a smarter chick!”

These were conversations running in my head, I really didn’t want to lose Jite to someone else, he’s my guardian angel and my dream come true.


I heard his deep voice call out.

I looked in his direction in the most romantic way I could and placed a kiss on his lips. It was magical, more like he had long awaited it. He kissed me back passionately, you know that fire that burns in your heart when something weird feels right, yeah? I felt it. After about 10 seconds, I withdrew.


“Did that make us official?” I asked.

“Yes baby, it did”, he replied with a very cute smile.

“Thanks”, he said.

“What for?”, I asked.

“I really don’t know, but thanks”

“You are welcome”, I replied.

Jite was wonderful; I wonder where he was while I wasted my time with that idiot. He was so loving and caring. With his good looks, you’d expect him to be unserious like most guys but he wasn’t like them. He was so committed to what we shared and did everything possible to make me smile. Jite, bought me everything I wanted, he was always around whenever I wanted him all these and many more gave me reasons not to doubt his confession to me.

Its really sad to say this, but it’s the truth. Despite the fact that Jite and I shared so much, I still missed my ex. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m still in love with him, he had his good time too but that spirit of polygamy is in his blood. I wanted him to come back begging, that would make me feel a little better. Though, My Jite was enough for me, a very tiny part of me wanted my ex.

One lovely Friday evening, while Jite and I were making out, my phone rang, when I checked who the caller was, I realized it was my ex, I didn’t want to pick it up in presence of Jite so I ignored the call. I put my phone off, and continued with ‘le boo’ 😉 . We later went out and I spent the night at his place, it’s a night to remember 😉 😀 😛


Soon, my ex was all over me, disturbing me with calls and paying me unnecessary visits. My heart began to melt. Like, this dude and I used to be crazy in love, what happened? He used to be really nice and caring and loving and all, where did we go wrong? For all you care, he must have been going through tough times and that was the only way he could deal with his. That was exactly what he told me. He had issues and he dint want to disturb me with them and sex was the only way he could treat them psychologically and he dint want me involved in the whole saga. It didn’t sound like a lie to me. Instead, I felt bad for not standing by my boyfriend.

I tried to talk to a few friends about it. They all said the same things, he’s a liar and a cheat, don’t fall into his trap this time. Eventually, I fought with my best friends because they didn’t want me to take this dude back.

Meanwhile, his name is Tade.

One Saturday morning, he visited just after I had my sanitation and I prepared breakfast, you know those kinda guys, yeah? They eat your food, your body, and give you nothing but lies in return. Tade was one of them. While we ate, he talked about how he wanted me back and all, I really can’t remember the words he said and how he said them, but somehow, we made out. *covers face*


I stopped picking Jite’s calls and started giving him attitude, I didn’t want him around like before, I snubbed him whenever I met him in school area, and the day he summoned up courage to ask what was going wrong, I told him off! Like

“Jite, we’re done, I’m in love with someone else!”

I felt the pain he felt, I knew that was unfair but I really could not cheat on Tade, I loved him. Several times, Jite asked his friends and siblings to beg me on his behalf, I really couldn’t say what he did wrong, I just didn’t want him anymore.

Eventually, he realized I was back with Tade, the day he tried to talk to me about the mistake I was making, I insulted him and said lots of negative stuffs to him. He was heartbroken and vowed never to disturb me again.


Tade and I continued with our ‘stupid love’ stupid in the sense that we fought every time and had make up sex, that wasn’t okay by me and the day I refused him of sex, he beat me up! And I later found out that he has been stealing my money. I had no one to run to, I fought with my friends already, I couldn’t go back to Jite, not after all I said to him.

I became lonely and lived a sad life. I was also broke, seriously broke.

My name is Amarachi from the eastern part of Nigeria, Imo state to be precise. My dad died when I was 2, my mum had me at 14, she’s an illiterate and her illiterate parents gave her hands in marriage to my trader father for money. I lacked love as my mum re-married and my step dad and step brothers maltreated me at home. That’s the main reason why I ran down west for my tertiary institution and do not intend going back home until after my convocation. I did some petty trading to see myself through these 3 years in school. So whenever I’m broke, calling home is no option, I couldn’t go to any of my friends because I fought with them already, neither could I go to Jite, not after all I said to him.


Eventually, I fell sick, seriously sick. I went to Jaja (school clinic) and I was diagnosed with malaria, I got drugs but didn’t even have money for food. I swallowed my pride and called Jite, he was resilient, he got me food, provisions and a lot of stuffs. He even gave me money and checked up on me often to see how I was recovering. Jite was my guardian angel. I wanted him back but I decided to give him time to ask me out again since he knew I was no longer with Tade.

A month went by and nothing came forth, I decided to talk to him about it. Lo and behold, he told me it was too late as he already has a happy relationship. He said these words with so much confidence. This wasn’t the Jite I knew, he’d never refuse me of anything in the world. Why dint he wait for me? Omg! He should give up his girlfriend for me because I met him before she did. I began to shed crocodile tears at least he should fall for that but he didn’t.


He said a lot of stuffs, he said I dashed his love to the dogs and called him names, he said I do not deserve someone like him, I deserved devils like Tade, that was very true, not after all I did to him. Now the tears were flowing freely, I was really ashamed of myself. I must have been stupid.

“Jite, please forgive me”,I said.

“Of course, I have”, he replied “if I haven’t, I wont be here”.

“Please take me back, I promise it won’t happen again”

“You can cry all day for all I care, I’m in love with the woman in my life and won’t give her up for anything.” He replied.

Words hurt, never believed that before until Jite said those words to me. I wept like a baby, all he did was stand up, he walked out and when he got to my door, he said call on me whenever you need my help, God willing, I’ll be of help. But if you think I’ll ever take you back, for all I care, YOU CAN CRY ME A RIVER…



13 thoughts on “Cry me a River!

  1. Akanbi oyewole says:

    Nyc 1 tobi!!love d choice/use of words n d story!! It ws lyk i ws seeing a movie n nt reading this.keep it up n il b lukn 4wrd 2 seeing more of this

  2. Anonymous says:

    Luvly piece,Tobi. Love d diction n d style .twas jst lyk watching a movie.d sequential order of events is superb.looking forward to more of this *thumbs up*

  3. Oluwatosin Adeagbo says:

    Luvly piece,Tobi. Love d diction n d style .twas jst lyk watching a movie.d sequential order of events is superb.looking forward to more of this *thumbs up*

  4. Adeniyi-Aogo Temiloluwa says:

    Awesome,awesome,just awesome.i loved it

  5. Alan says:

    I don’t recall anyone asking me if they could use my image. Your are not authorized to use this image kindly cease and desist.

    Alan Rutherford artist.


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