Sad is an understatement,

Of how I feel to say this,

Blinded- this world is,

You all can’t see,

You all can actually see,

Only that you have lost your sight for this,

You see people,

Losing everything they have,

You strain away,

You see children starving and dying,

Oh, you walk away,

Like it’s just a nightmare,

Wait, you right,

It’s a nightmare,

Someone else’s nightmare,

But not yours,

Yours it isn’t,

Neither by your power nor might,

That isn’t yours for a reason,

Yet you straddle away,

These voices keep yearning,

The less privileged keep calling to you,

But you turn deaf ears,

Forgetting every soul will taste death,

It’s your choice to help or not to,

Don’t forget what you ought to,

For your are here for a reason,

Give what you can,

It’s something.




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Written by; Mariam Alayande

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