Dear Mother

Dear Mother,

            One sleepless night, I turned from left to right. Echoes of the cries of my brothers and sisters were ringing in my head, making me to see stars. So I put on my garment of confidence, got out of my cave and walked to your quarters.

            Proud of whom I am, proud of my dark shinning skin, proud of my black curly hair, proud of the healthy air, proud of my heritage and everything you have blessed me with. Only if I could find a piece, would I also be proud of the peace.

            Not all fingers are equal, but all the fingers are connected to the same source of nutrients. This is unfortunately not the case with your children. Some of your children live in castles, owning dozens of ships, horses and cattle, while some of your beloved children cannot boast of a meal or shelter.

            Mother, the neighbouring kingdoms visit your kingdoms just to steal your milk and honey. A lot of your greedy children allow this just for their personal interest, leaving the rest of your children to suffer. Mother, a lot of your talented children are in other kingdoms helping them to develop their cities and improve their standard of living, but your cities lay waste, getting worse day by day. Your golden roads have become muddy with potholes, your ports have become overcrowded with heavily loaded ships polluting your ocean and disturbing the lives under the sea. The ships are used to transport your gold, milk and honey to foreign kingdoms.

            I found Hope at the city gate looking so devastated. Faith was walking on the street in torn garments. Mother, your children are hungry. They have become desperate to do anything to survive their daily hardship.

            Mother, please you have to intercede. You have to make us all remember that we are one family. Please help us to realise that the progress of an individual is equally the progress of everyone. Dear mother, help your children to reunite and rebuild your cities. Help us to love one another and live as one. Please revive our faith and hope for a better tomorrow. Make all your children proud of their heritage. Make us the envy of other kingdoms.

            If you’ve gotten this far, it means you have most probably read all I wrote. Thanks in advance for the good changes that are to come and for the improvements that your children will experience.


Your child,



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