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“Have you spoken with the Lawyers?”,she asked the Butler.

“We are dealing with an about-to-be-committed suicide here Miss Juliet!! Why should we call the Lawyers?”

“I just want to know how much of her stuff I will be getting once she dies! She lived such a selfish life, I should at least get something for coming out of that thing called a mother”.

She finally got into the elevator. “Please floor 10 first. I want to say ‘hello’ to my friend”.

“Sorry, I have to disobey you Miss. We are heading uninterruptedly to the 28th floor”.

The doors of the elevator slide open and Juliet walked straight to the balcony to see for herself what the Butler has been explaining. “OMG! Mother! Are you actually going to do this?! Is this the worse you can do?! You mean after all you have done to us, you want to take your own life. Who is meant to be doing this?! It is absolutely not you! You are meant to be enjoying all your “hard earned money” while we, your kids, should be suffering!”

“I am so sorry! I wish I can take back all I have said and done. I know I have not been a good mother to you. I abandoned all of you just to chase a mere career. Yes, I got all I wanted but then my life and everything I have built have collapsed! My life no longer has a meaning. I have no one. I have sent away friends and family. I am totally empty.”

“I guess it is too late for all this”, Juliet said sitting across the big balcony legs crossed, fixing her nails as she called on the Butler to get her a glass of white wine. “I guess you did not expect us to become as successful without you as we are today. After the drug issue with Arnold, we decided we are going to stop receiving insults from you just because we need your attention. But look at us today, Mother! we are M-A-D-E!!”, she said proudly to her mother. Juliet felt it was the right time to pour out all the hatred she has towards her mother. “You moved out of the house leaving behind Dad with three kids. You said that we were taking too much of your time! How could you have left a businessman, who was even on a business trip at that moment, alone with three young kids, saying they can take take care of themselves. What kind of mother does that?!”

“My Child”, Madam Bates responded, both hands still grasping the railings firmly, with tears flowing from her eyes into her mouth. She could not look at her daughter. “You do not know what your father did to me!”, she shouted. “Yes, I have done wrong and I might have overreacted but your father dealt with me when I was just an ordinary Housewife. Because he was then richer, he thought he had all the power so he brought women to the house, came home late, beat me …”, she could not continue because of the uncontrollable tears.




still continues with ….

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