“Oh Mother, I am so sorry. I was rude and unforgiving. I am so ashamed of myself. Why did it have to get to this point before I realized how much I was going to miss you if you were gone?”, said Juliet with tears in her eyes as she rest her head on her mother’s chest.

“All of this only made me stronger.”

“Mother, why did you not tell us that you have been suffering from depression?! This is so unfair! Why would you decide to take your life without for once considering us?!”, said Junior in tears as he was holding his mother’s hand.

“Please you should allow her to rest.”, said the doctor. “You should be happy that she is still alive. If not for the protruding figures on the building that she got trapped on during the fall and the quick rescue, this is not what we will be saying now. She would have to stay here for three days or more before we refer her to a Psychologist.”, continued the doctor as he was looking at some of Madam Bates’ health data. “Could you please leave the room now. We till have to carry out some examinations on your mother. It seems she tried some dangerous substances but they did not work. Please go now!”, he said to the reluctant family.

For the first time since the incident, Madam Bates surprisingly talked as they were walking out of the door. “Please stop!”, she struggled to talk.

“Mum, you are ok!!”, shouted Junior excitingly.

“Please where is your father? I want to see him right now!”

“I will call him. He is waiting in the hallway”, said Juliet as she ran out.

“Susanne, you are awake!”, shouted Master Bates. “I am so sorry ….”

“You should not be apologizing. Junior, Juliet, Hart. I am so so sorry. Please forgive me. I hope Arnold will also forgive me. Please let us give our family, ‘Family Bates’, one more chance. I am ready to turn a new leaf”, said Madam Bates.

“Yes, of course. We love you mum”, said Juliet and Junior together.

“Give me a hug”, Susanne said.

Hart kissed Susanne on her forehead as they bear-hugged each other.

“Really guys, you have to excuse your Madam Bates now!”, said the doctor politely.

“I love you mum”, said Juliet as they all walked out of the private hospital room with smiles on their faces.

“I love you too”.


            THE END!!!

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