Feels like Home


“Cry all you want!”, he said as he reached out for the handkerchief.

“Let it all out. Relieve your heart of all that burden you’ve been carrying for years”.

“Where is the Sharon you used to be? The fearless, bold and courageous woman that does not give up easily”, he read from his script.


“lol…you are so funny! I think you will make a good actor. Your expressions and actions are really impressive. Go for it man!”, I said as I was preparing for myself, a cup of coffee, grabbing my jacket, looking for my bag and staring at my wristwatch at the same time. It has not been easy on this lane, standing on your own, trying to make a living and thinking of a good future.

“Lian, could you please postpone this till I get back from work, the driver will surely be waiting downstairs now and I don’t want to keep her waiting”.

“Ok, I’m off to the studio then the library anyway, so Charles hurry and get to work on time bro. ”, he said as I walked out of the door.


Straight to the elevator, with my cup of coffee in my left hand, jacket on and my strap bag hanging somewhere on my body, at least I could feel the weight. I was in so much hurry.

“Why do I always have to hurry like this. I’m sure I am still like ten minutes early”, I said to myself as I got into the elevator. I always try my possible best to be five minutes earlier than scheduled, trying to put more effort into my work, staying up late, waking up early, keeping out of trouble…. I was listing as the elevator’s door to the ground floor opened.

“I am such a nerd”, talking to myself again as I was stepping out of the main entrance of the building.


“I should really get a life”. I entered the already waiting car, relieved that I could have my cup of coffee.

“Hello, Mrs Perry”, I said smiling as she fired the engine of the car.

Finally sipping my creamy coffee as I thought about how it all started.

Five years ago, a J.J.C (Johnny Just Come) in a different country, with a different language, away from friends and family. It was really boring and difficult. But looking at it from this point, it looked pretty cool. The perseverance, patience and hard work really paid off.

Leaving your people, the environment you are very much familiar with, a future that seems certain, etc is like dropping everything you have built for years and starting all over again. A big step, I had to take.

Staring out of the window, just as I did when I first arrived here, staring at the then-new environment. I realized it feels like home here now, a second home though because there is no place like HOME.


I have been able to reconnect with home, friends, family. Things are very much stable, integrating well into the society, meeting new people and making good friends. Thanking God for making it easy for me thus far.

Then I said just as I stepped out of the car, walking towards the Reception of my workplace, “Charles, You are back!”

Thanks for reading 🙂

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