Up in the hills, waiting for it

Any minute from now, the sky will be electrified

The different colours combined with their sounds

A sign of relief, beautifying the sky

The thunderous sounds clashing, producing a beautiful melody


I lay here, enjoying the beauty of the night

I have never felt like this before

A breath of fresh air

For once, I feel like an heir

I have been alone for too long

This new experience, I will take it by the horn


A good turn and a new leaf

Holding on to it, never letting it go

After dusting off the cobwebs,

I discovered the empty space

But you came in and hope to stay


Butterflies in my tummy as the dark sky lightened up

My body and soul lifted up

At this point, there is no turning back

I could feel a smile on my face

I guess this is how fire works

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