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Don’t you think that life would become much easier, if we could just focus on what truly matters?

The journey of life is filled with distractions, obstructions and a lot of baggage that slow us down from reaching our destinations. It could be very difficult, but it helps if we let go of anything that does not contribute positively to our life. That way, we will be able to focus on what really matters; our happiness, our health, our career, our family and the people that truly care about us.

I am currently quite an inexperienced plant parent and I have sadly had to throw away a lot of dead plants. I was so confused because I know that I showed these plants a lot of love and concern, I tried all I could, to the best of my knowledge to take care of them, but they all died, one after the other. I shared my concern with a friend and he asked me this question, „did you cut off the dead leaves?“

My confused self was just like…“hmmm?“

My friend continued, saying, „Didn’t you know that the plant will exhaust a lot of energy on the dead leaves? All the energy the plant is meant to use for it roots and new leaves or branches would be wasted.“

This made me reflect on what the Bible says in John 15:2: „He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful“

We have a certain amount of energy and it would be a waste for us to use a limited resource on something that is not fruitful to us. How wonderful would it be, if we could invest our time, energy and other resources in things and people that truly appreciate us and help in our growth?

You are like a tree planted by the riverside, bound to flourish, destined to be evergreen. So, what are those dead leaves or dead branches that are sucking life, time, money and other resources out of you? What are those things that are hindering your growth?

A lot of things flow through our minds, different thoughts, things to do, places to go and goals to achieve. Sometimes, we feel and we know that we are capable of much more than we are doing. We have a lot more potentials than we are utilizing.

Sometimes, I just want my inner man to take control, maybe he can materialize all what he brings to my thought. Maybe I can just sleep, wake up and have life just the way I want. But NO! that VOICE inside just won’t let me rest. It says, “Stand up! You’ve got what it takes to be somebody, you’ve got what it takes to be great…you’re not just a good for nothing”.

But the fear of failure, the fear of being ridiculed or laughed,  the fear of making mistakes slows things down, in fact you might end up not doing anything. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes. You will never know what you are truly capable of until you try. We just have to stay focused. It is so cool how clearly you can see things if you just focus.

I woke up around 3 AM one day and I went outside to the balcony of a student hostel I used to live in. I went outside for some fresh air and a nice night view, then I noticed just at a building not faraway, all the lights were off (that was expected…sleeping time of course!) but there was one light left switched on…ok!…my idle and curious self just wanted to know “what’s up?” so I tried to FOCUS right from where I was standing (faraway) at this window and all of a sudden all I could see was the light from that room and the person playing a musical instrument or something, it was like I was directly at the window, I didn’t see anything more than that.

After this somewhat creepy incident, I realized that if we could just FOCUS, all the disturbance, disappointments, discouragements and bad comments will be at the background. They would not stop us from attaining our goals and full potentials in life. The ability to focus gives us some power over our destiny and the journey to the top.

Today, we adorn a lot of celebrities, we pay to see them, to get their “products“…which is a good thing. We also can do something that we have passion for and be known by the world for our “product” and impact.

Using the example of a football match, I learnt that there are three categories of people in life:

1. the spectators: the spectators are just there to clap, cheer and spend their time and money

2. the competitors: the competitors are the football players. They have trained and disciplined themselves in order to participate in the football match.

3. the winner: the winner is the one who gets the trophy 

In what of these categories do you fall into? 

I don’t want us to only applaud each other, I don’t want us to be mere spectators, I want us all to be winners in all competitions of life. We have to keep striving to become winners in everything that we lay our hands on, focusing on what truly matters.

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