I can remember getting back to France with a broken soul, a wounded mind and a traumatized spirit after the rescue mission on the Mediterranean Sea.

It was a Friday evening. The ship docked at a bar-gated harbour. There were armed soldiers everywhere, Helicopters in the sky and a selected amount of journalists. Before anyone could get off the ship, fifty soldiers came on board to search the ship. Two hours after a thorough search, the soldiers started to escort the refugees off the ship. The journalists were taking pictures and trying to ask questions.

About three hours later, the ship crew and the medical staffs were allowed to disembark from the ship. There was a press conference already organised. We walked off the ship and were immediately bombarded with questions and camera lights. I noticed all the reputable and prominent news outlets represented as I tried to answer the questions directed at me. That was another flustering ninety minutes of reflecting upon what happened offshore.

Before I knew what was happening, I was already in a black taxi heading to my apartment in the city of London. The apartment was silent, dark and cold because my flatmate, Michael, was visiting his fiancée’s family. I dragged my traveller’s bag with one hand while I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled off my tie with the other hand. I walked into my bedroom, fell on my bed and stared at the ceiling.

“What is life?”

I drowned myself in my worries, sorrows and thoughts as I slept off.

A warm, slimy and moist feeling on my feet woke me up from my slumber. I jumped off the bed faster than the speed of light.

“What was that? Is that Michael’s dog?” I asked myself as I tiptoed to the edge of the bed.

“BLOOD OF JESUS!”, I shouted as it raised its head from the corner of the bed. It had bright green eyes and a very huge head.

I turned around and tried to run away, but I fell. I fell flat on the ground. Adrenaline rush pushed me back up and fear put speeding wheels on my feet.

For just a second, I realized that I was not in my apartment, but I had no time to process that thought. I was trying to run away from death. I know for a fact that I will die one day, but it was not on that day.

It was cold, dark and my knees were hurting. The earth trembled at each step of the dragon chasing me.

“Why am I here?”

Another dragon flew towards me and landed 94 cm in front of me. It walked slowly towards me as it lowered its head. It had red fiery eyes. It rubbed its head warmly and friendly against my body. I was shivering. I think I wet my pants, but that could have also been sweat. Who knows?

The other dragon that was chasing me also came closer and covered me with one of its wings.

“What is happening to me?”

Three baby fire dragons approached me and climbed on my shoulders. I was surrounded by beasts, who seem to know and love me.

The dragon behind me bowed its head as it invited me to ride on it. I sat on it back and we flew high into the sky.

We arrived at a castle in the clouds where there were more dragons. They were all looking at me as I walked in with the other dragons following me.

“Welcome to the castle of the dragons, Henry”, said a giant that was seated on a throne of clouds.

“Please, what am I doing here?”, I asked carefully and fearfully.

“I don’t know! Your dragons brought you home”, said the giant as he looked at me confusedly and irritatedly.

“My dragons?!”

“Yes! You are a father of dragons as you can see”, replied the giant.

“But only a dragon can give birth to a dragon. That is just basic logic”, I said plainly.

The giant laughed.

He looked at me without any disingenuousness.

Then he continued to laugh for about 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

“Take a look around. Does anything seem logical to you here?! You are in a castle in the sky!”, he reminded me.

“Please explain it to me. Why and how am I a father of dragons? Please help me understand this”, I pleaded.

“For every pain, sorrow, anger, malice, hatred and worry that you decide to harbour, you breed a monster, a dragon here.”

“Really?!”, I asked as I looked around.

“Yes”, he answered. “And do you know what the dragons feed upon? – They feed on your happiness and haters. Your loneliness and sadness nourish their souls. In order to protect you, they ensure that no one comes close to you. Even the good people in your life have no chance. It’s like building a wall around yourself. You will only end up being locked up alone in a dark cold world!”

“But I do not want that for myself”, I said. “What am I to do to liberate myself?”

“Very simple!”, he said. “You just have to let go!”

“Let go?! How?”, I asked.

“Give me the object that is in your left hand”, he said to me as he stretched out his hand.

I looked at my left hand and there was indeed a very strange looking wand. I gave it to him and I immediately fell into a dark pit.

I woke up.

This time around, my bed was in a garden filled with beautiful, colourful and sweet smelling flowers with butterflies flying everywhere.

“Did I just wake up from a dream in a dream?”, I asked myself.

“Oh, Henry! We have been waiting for you!”, said a lady-in-white in a melodious voice as she smiled at me. “It is nice to have you back!”, she continued as she helped me off the bed and led me through a golden path.

“Where am I?”, I asked like a lost puppy.

“You are at Home, Henry! This is where you really belong. This is where peace, joy, happiness and all the good things of life reside!”

“I am glad to be back home”, I said to her as I smiled. “I just dreamt that I was in a land of dragons and I was a father of some of them”. I narrated my dream to her.

“That was not a dream! That is exactly what happens when you do not hand over everything to the Father”, she said. “That happens when you do not trust Him in every situation and with every little thing. He really cares for you. He loves you!”

“I found a wand in my left hand and gave it to a giant. What does that even mean?”, I asked.

“It means that you gave up all the evil and dirt residing in you”, she answered. “You are now a free man. You do not have to worry about your yokes and burden. Your father will take care of them all!”

“Wow! My father must indeed be a gracious man!”

“Yes, He is! And He has His angels always watching over you”, she said. “We are going to meet Him now”, she continued as we walked through some gigantic mansions that were decorated with marble and diamonds.

“I can’t wait to see Him”, I said excitedly as we now walked through a very high waterfall with 100 rainbows.

I looked up to see the beginning of the waterfall, but it was hidden in the clouds. A little butterfly landed on my nose. I closed my eyes and stretched out my hands as a cool breeze blew through.

I woke up.

This time in my bedroom in London.

I felt very relieved. Everything that was bothering me before, had vanished.

I smiled.

I was happy.

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  1. Valtoy B. says:

    Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed and learnt from it.

  2. Abraham says:

    Oh Wow 🔥😇🔥 mixed feelings here right now!
    😂You got me at the 2mins 30secs part!
    Every sentence creating its own scene! The story felt alive! I like literally felt my toes being licked and the butterfly on my nose!
    Cast your cares to the father and He’ll watch over you & help chase away every strange creature around you!
    Thanks for this Valtoybob👍


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