Black Sheep
HERE’S TO US (Black Sheep)

Here’s to the sheep that we lost,

Here’s to the chord that was broken & trodden.

Here’s to the times that we fought,

the tears that we dropped,

the love that was stolen.


Here’s to the fingers we point,

Here’s to the alien that once was a blood.

Here’s to the food for our thoughts,

the past that we read,

but choose not to open.


Here’s to the beautiful drift,

Here’s to the tune of addiction’s deceit.

Here’s to the backseats of the church,

the treasures in the dust,

the sorrows on repeat.




Cheers to the defeat at the cross,

Cheers to the heart of stone pierced by His sword.

Cheers to the rescue from the flood,

the stray whose feet is washed,

the one who has returned.


Cheers to the kisses we share,

Cheers to the rumblings of Joy in the air.

Cheers to the longing cut short,

the simplest thoughts,

of words that can’t compare.


Cheers to the hope that we got,

Cheers to the days we forgave & forgot.

Cheers to the future reborn,

the faith we embrace,

the living as one.

Written by FOAN


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5 thoughts on “HERE’S TO US

  1. Ajibodu Christian says:

    Wow……. 👏🏼👏🏼I love the transition after the BUT. The nature of this poem is cool.

    1. Valtoy B. says:

      Thank you so much for reading! I’m glad you love it.


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