Hold me…

Shaky and unsteady,

I approach your court

You are the only one who knows me

And takes me as I am


Humbly I stand in front of you

I put down my crown

And tear off my royal purple robe

Embarrassed by your kindness and love

You keep on pulling me closer anytime I go astray


Though I am glamorous and handsome

You know my ugly dark side

You paid the ransom

And you keep me away from trouble


Though I am stubborn and keep on treading on thin ice

You rescue me at all time

Others don’t know, others don’t care

But you are my father, my creator

I owe you all because you give me all


Once again for the millionth time

I’m crawling back to your throne

Hoping you would save me one more time

Hoping you would hold me

And save me from my dangerous self


I think I have done it again

I almost tore myself apart

I am perplexed and have lost control of myself

Please hold me till I am calm and still

Drag me out of my raging ocean


I am so sorry

So sorry, I keep running back to you anytime I’m in trouble

But you are the only one that I have

When the sun sets and I have nowhere to go

You are the only one I can call on


Provide a place for me under your wings

Take me to great heights

But keep me from temptations


I know that I could be naughty at times

But please do not give up on me

Draw me closer

Show me your love

Hold me tight

And never let me go

2 thoughts on “Hold me…

  1. Audrey says:

    Lovely!! Extremely interesting and unimaginably captivating


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