How are you? 

Have you ever truly asked yourself this question? 

How are you? How are you doing?

Take a minute to truly ask yourself this question… What was the response? What did your mind tell you?

Most times, we respond with default statements like, „I am fine“, „I am doing well“, „I am good“ or „I am okay“. 

Sometimes, we even try to be more expressive with our response by adding „pretty“ or „really“ or „quite“. LIKE „I am doing really well“ or „I am quite good“

A lot of times, this is honestly the truth, but sometimes we just give this response because we think that this is how we are supposed to reply without having to pour out our hearts to the person asking, without having to bore them or put our burdens on them.

But have you truly asked yourself this question? 

How are you?

And what was the reply?

With all of the things that are currently going on; the pandemic, the riots, the protests, the killings and injustice everywhere around the world, have you taken the time to check on yourself?

How are all these things affecting you?

The news on TV, social media, newspapers and blogs could draw us into a state of sadness, uncertainty and depression. It could make us give up on life, career, love and humanity. 

Do you feel lonely, even at this time of social distancing and lockdown? 

Do you feel like no one is checking up on you? 

Do you feel like you are not getting back the love, attention and energy that you give out?

Do you stare out the window sometimes and think that life has nothing to offer you?

Do you feel great about yourself or are you just feeling tired?

Take one minute and look at yourself in the mirror. Stare at your reflection and ask yourself: How are you?

This is important because it could be a key to your freedom and liberation. Whenever you are not feeling like yourself, when things are not going the way they are supposed to, even when everything is going on perfectly well. It is always helpful to ask yourself, be honest with yourself, take a minute to self-reflect. Find out what is making you feel bad and let’s talk about it, let us try to fix it. Find out what makes you happy and gives you joy, let us keep it and be grateful for them. Life is a journey and it is not yet time to give up. No, not today!

Do not let all the things that are going on around you make you lose your dreams, hopes and visions. It is time to build up your inner strength, it is time to rekindle your inner light, it is time to reenergize your inner being. It is time to find that inner pure joy and be truly grateful for all the things that are working for you. 

Sometimes, we get too busy and occupied with everything going on around us that we forget to check up on ourself. Now, is the time to check on yourself.

How are you?

„I am fine, thank you!“


„I am not doing so good, but it is time for me to tap from my source of energy, strength, inspiration and motivation“

What is your source? Where do you draw your water, your life and your light from?

Is it from the Bible? From the word of God? The reassuring power of the love of Jesus?

Is it from motivational speakers? From books? From podcasts?

Is it from your family? Your friends? Your partner or your loved ones?

Do not let go of these sources. Do not block these sources. It is time to reconnect to your great source of joy and happiness and let go of the things that could hurt you.

Sometimes, it helps to open up and let go of the burden. It feels good to feel free and relieved! Your mental health, your happiness, your life and your peace of mind matters.

How are you?

If you asked me, I would say that I am doing better than I deserve.


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