„How fast is too fast?“ 

I asked as I tried to calculate and mentally prepare myself for the punishment that was coming my way. 

The deed had been done. I saw the flash from the speed camera. A picture of me and the vehicle had been captured. There was nothing else I could do, but wait to face the consequences of my action. 

But why did I over speed?

We were travelling to a faraway city for a conference and we were meant to meet up with the other half of our group who were already waiting at the destination. 

Due to some issues and technicalities, we started the journey several hours later than planned. I tried to make up for the lost hours. It was not my first time on that highway, so I was pretty much confident and informed about the various speed limits on that route or so I thought.  I was so eager and in a rush to arrive at the destination that I missed a caution sign of a new speed limit and a warning of the speed cameras ahead. 

In life, we experience a lot of obstacles and delays and when things finally begin to work out in our favours, we strive to make up for lost times, which is in my opinion, not a bad thing, but how fast is too fast? Do we take time to enjoy the new experience, the process and progress, do we look around to check out for warning signs? 

Sometimes, we compare our current situation and status with that of our friends. We feel that they are way ahead of us because they have probably achieved a lot more or experienced or seen a lot more than we have. We feel that we have to level up with them to be acceptable in society. But I am learning that each person’s journey is different and designed for the individual. Our goals, our journey, the speed at which we travel or the time we get to our destination is unique to each person. I should not compare my oranges to my best friend’s pineapples.

What does „MOVING TOO FAST“ mean to you? – I asked my friends this question on Instagram.

@mide_olayiwola said that it means not breathing through the situations and always ready to rush through the process.

@autostrings said that it means missing out on the present

@carsonbohdi said that it means speed minus the fuel

@ajiboduchristian said it means thinking too much

These answers helped me reflect on my journey. Some situations could be suffocating, not because they are necessarily choking, but because we do not take time to breathe and enjoy each moment of a process. Taking time to appreciate every step, every delay and every victory. Not missing out on the present because that is what we have. The future is not guaranteed. Sometimes, we get carried away with comparison and ambition, thinking too much about the future that we forget to refuel our engines. We find then find ourselves in a disastrous situation like being on full speed on the highway with an empty fuel tank.

We arrived at our destination and I realized that all the delays were blessings and that way we were able to avoid some difficult situations that the other half of our group experienced before our arrival. 

I paid dearly for violating the speed limit, but I learnt a valuable lesson from that experience.

What does „MOVING TOO FAST“ mean to you? – Let us talk on Instagram or Twitter. Links including those of my friends are available in the show note of this episode. Remember that I love you, I see you and I appreciate you. Thank you!


HOW FAST IS TOO FAST? In this episode, I reflected on violating speed limits years ago and the consequences I had to bear. Using the lessons learnt in my journey of life, I am learning to travel with caution, watching out of warning signs while I enjoy the process. 

What does moving too fast mean to you? – Let us talk on:



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