“A table with the best view has been reserved for you, as usual, Madam”, said the hostess of the best restaurant in Kreuzstraße as she led her to the table for three.



With the heels of her Jimmy Choo hitting the wooden floor as she followed, she asked, “None of my friends has arrived?”



“No, Madam”, answered the hostess as she pointed at the reserved table. She smiled as she removed the reservation card from the table. “Would you like to have your favourite cocktail while you wait for your friends?”



“No, thanks. I will just wait for those latecomers as always”, she replied as she dropped her black leather Michael Kors bag on the table.



She looked around and stared at the framed picture of her friends and her on the wall. Three pretty girls smiling for the camera. Despite the stress from family, school and work, they were living the lives of their dreams. The picture on the wall was taken 10 years ago while celebrating their 2 year friendship anniversary. “Who would have imagined that I would be best friends with these two big heads?  Not me! Not in my wildest dreams”, she said to herself.



“I am so sorry for the delay! I had to drop my son at his friend’s birthday costume party. You know Brad and his troubles. He wanted me to change the costume I spent the whole night making for him! Yesterday, he wanted to be Spider-man. This morning, he changed his mind. He wanted to dress as the Black Panther”, said Chika as she sat down. “I hope you have not been waiting for so long? Where is Jolina?”



“I arrived about 24 minutes and 42 seconds ago, but that it’s now normal that I am the first to arrive and you guys come fashionably later with some excuses. And they say that the Germans are always…”



“Hello! Hello! Hello! My loved ones!” shouted Jolina from across the room as she approached their table. “Sorry, besties! I had to take my dogs to the weekend school. Those wonderful creatures are just so sweet – They did not want me to leave”, smiled Jolina as she sat down beside Chika.



“I am really happy to see you again! It has been ages since we last met”, said Chika with so much excitement in her eyes. “Jolina has been busy as the Editor-in-chief of VALTOYBOB, Eve has been so much occupied with her new position as the chief operations officer at Volkswagen AG…”



“And you have successfully built a strong home for yourself; a handsome husband and a smart kid! Not only are you a good wife, you are also running your own fashion line and at the same time, you are a big boss at VOGUE Germany”, interrupted Eve as she held Chika’s hand.



“Boss ladies!” shouted Jolina as she tried to get the attention of the waiter. “I am so proud of us. Despite a lot of quarrels, misunderstandings, challenges and disappointments, we always support each other. I can say for myself that I will be where I am today if it were not for your help, pieces of advice and love!”



“Girl, stop!”, said, Eve, as she smiled. “That is why we are best friends! We put our differences aside; accept each other for who we are and each other grow!”



Two minutes after Jolina successfully caught the attention of a waiter; he arrived at their table, ready to take their order. “Good afternoon, would you like something to drink?”



“Ladies, I’ve got this”, said Jolina as she turned to the waiter. “Both ladies would like to have green tea and you can get me a strong, tall, muscular…”



Chika cleared her throat and shouted, “Jolina!!!” Then she faced the handsome, confused looking waiter. “Don’t mind her. She will also have some green tea”. She smiled as the waiter walked away.



“Jolina, why are you so thirsty?!”



“Poor boy! You almost confused the innocent looking lad”



“Sorry ladies, I was just trying to fool around. You know – just jokingly shooting my shot”, she winked at Eve.



“Talking about poor boy. Did you hear about what happened in Borsigstraße?” asked Jolina as she drank from the cup of tea that was already placed on the table by another waiter.



Eve and Chika answered at the same time, “No!”



“What happened?!”



As Jolina was about to start her story, a waitress interrupted her. “Sorry ladies, what would you like to eat?”



“Chicken salad, please”, answered Eve as she flipped through the menu.



“I will also have the same with a glass of lemonade, please”, said Chika.


“I would like to have the beefsteak with some French fries and a glass of orange juice”, said Jolina to the waitress as she handed over the menu back to her. “You girls are not allowed to eat out of my fries. You better order yours now”



The ladies laughed.



“Jesus! You and food – The best love story ever written”, said Chika. “You should write an article about your love and passion for ONLY eating food!”



“Talking about Jesus, do you by chance now drive a Bentley?!”, asked Jolina.



Chika looked at her surprisingly. “Yes, how did you know? I was going to it show you after eating here but you beat me to it!”



“Wow! Congratulations, Chika! You deserve it, girl”, said Eve as she helped Chika adjust her braids. She turned to Jolina and asked, “But how did guess that the Bentley belongs to her?”



“Who else in the world would place a sticker on a Bentley?”, asked Jolina as she smiled in the direction of Chika. “Especially a sticker that says JESUS LOVES YOU. You always have those kinds of stickers on your cars”.



“Yeah, that’s right. No matter how expensive the car is, the message of God’s love is priceless. That’s the reason I have that same kind of sticker on my Maserati and the G-Wagon! They are all vanity, my friends!”



“You are right, Chika! I would really love to have so much passion for God as much as you do. Maybe I would be able to find a man, finally settle down and have a family like you do”, said Eve. “I am really happy for you and all you have achieved”



“Thanks so much!”, said Chika as she took a bite of her chicken salad. “Now, enough about me! Jolina, please tell us about what happened at Borsigstraße”



Jolina took a sip of her orange juice and cleared her throat. “There was this lady that used to live in Borsigstraße. She fell in love with a young postman that used to deliver mails to her home office every week. Instead of telling him about her feelings for him, she started to fantasize about being in a relationship with him and how much he would love her. She told her friends about this and they advised her not to fantasy about it, but instead try to find out if he felt the same way about her.”




“Aww…that’s the beginning of a very romantic story”, Chika interjected.



“I won’t say that just yet”, answered Jolina. “This lady started to flirt with the postman, inviting him for lunch, coffee and stuff like that. After a while, she told him that she had feelings for him. He said that he has a girlfriend but he had always agreed to have coffee and lunch with her because she was so nice, friendly and helpful, so he thought that they could become very good friends”.



“If I were the lady, I would change my postman and avoid ever seeing him again”, Chika interjected again.



“Exactly! That was what her friends told her! But she refused to do that because she could not bear never seeing him again. She was deeply crazy in love with him, so she told him that she would love to be friends with him”.




“That’s just so stupid”, said Chika as she looked at how Eve was busy devouring her salad. “Is there a happy ending to this story?”, she asked Jolina as she now stared at their empty plates and glasses.



“This lady got crazier! One day, as the postman came to deliver a package, she decided to see his package”, continued Jolina as she winked at Chika. “She invited the postman into her office for a cup of tea. He declined politely, telling her that he still had a lot of packages to deliver. She insisted that a cup of tea in five minutes won’t hurt anyone. After much persuasion, he agreed to enter into her apartment for a cup of tea.”



“One glass of sparkling water, please!”






“What?! Can’t I ask for a glass of water?!”



“Jolina was about to tell us what happened when the guy entered her apartment”, answered Chika as she turned back to Jolina. “Please, continue”.



“So, the postman entered into her apartment for a cup of tea. Noticing that she locked the door behind her as he entered, he told her that he had just changed his mind and would rather come back after his shift in the evening. The lady did not agree to this, she went into the kitchen and poured tea into two cups. He insisted that he would rather come back so that they could have enough time to chat. Instead of her to let him go, she forced herself on him! She tried to kiss him! In the process of the postman trying to resist the kiss, he hit his back against a cabinet behind him and fell down. The cabinet hit a shelf which made all her knives fall from the knife-holder that was on top of this shelf. You can already imagine what happened! One knife went straight through his forehead and another dived straight into his belly. His blood filled the whole kitchen. The lady started to scream!”



“Oh my gosh! I can guess the rest of the story!”, shouted Chika. “So, the police arrested the lady and she was sentenced to life imprisonment because no one believed or it could not be proven that she did not kill him”, she added as she looked astonished.



“Not quite right, Chika. Her neighbours heard the noise and scream from her apartment, so they called the police. By the time the police successfully forced the door to open, they found two dead bodies in a bath of blood in the kitchen.”



“She killed herself! That’s so crazy! How did you get to know so much about this?”, asked Chika.



“I have my ears everywhere in Dortmund. I am also friends with some guys in the Criminal Investigation and Forensic Department”, she said as she laughed.



“Yeah, of course. You do!” Chika laughed as she confirmed this. “There is nothing to be forced about love. If you like someone and that person do not feel the same way, it is better just to let go! There are thousands of fishes in the sea. That lady just wasted her life and that of the poor man!” She turned to Eve who has been quiet the whole time. “Eve, what’s up with you?”



“Nothing, Chika. That story was just so touching and relatable.”




“Relatable? How?”



“Oh! Don’t let us get into it. I don’t really want to talk about it.”



“C’mon Eve, we are your best friends. You should be able to confide in us.”



“Yes, I know!”



“So what is stopping you from telling us about the issue that seems to be bothering you?”



“Okay, we will talk about it but can we just pay and leave here. We have been sitting here for quite a while.”



“Of course”, said Jolina as she beckoned to the waitress to bring their bill. “Ladies, I’ve got this. Let me pay!”



“No, you don’t have to”, said Eve.



“No, I insist”, Jolina replied.



“Thanks, Jolina”, said Chika as she put her wallet back into her bag and brought out her phone. “Just at the right time! My personal assistant just sent me a message saying that my late summer collection is ready and about 120 different samples have just been delivered to the house”, she said joyfully. “So ladies, we are going to my place to judge the outfits that will appear on the Runway during the fashion week in Berlin!”



“Yeah! Let’s do that!” Eve shouted.



“But would not stop you from talking to us about your problem”, said Jolina as the ladies picked up their bags and walked out of the restaurant.





The automatic gates slid open, revealing the statue of a lion that serves also as a fountain. The ladies drove their cars into the compound and parked not so far away from the main entrance where the Chika’s personal assistant and butler were waiting for them.



“Thank you for the message”, said Chika to her personal assistant as the ladies made their way up the stairs.



“We have already placed the dresses in your office, just as you requested”, said Ann, the personal assistant as she followed Chika into the house. “I received an email from the organisers of the Berlin Fashion Week this morning. We have to discuss the program and some other detail”.



“Okay, we will do that on Monday. I will be busy with my friends for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow is a no-work-day for us. I will be going to church with my family”, answered Chika as she led her friends to her office area.



“Madam! Madam! Should I bring some biscuits and tea?”, asked her butler as Chika was about to close the door.



“Maybe in an hour or two, we just had a lot to eat and drink at the restaurant”, answered Chika. “Thanks!”



Chika’s home office was filled with lots of magazines, clothes, framed cover pages with her face on them and some awards. Jolina and Eve were already sitting down comfortably on the sofas in the dressing room as Chika rolled in the last clothes rack into the room and shouted, “Ladies, let the game begin!”



“Yeah!”, shouted Jolina as she jumped off her seat and ran towards one of the clothes racks.



“Ladies, thanks so much for volunteering to do this with me. It is always much fun when I make these selections with you”, Chika said as the ladies began to sort the dresses into three categories; Runway, Rubbish and Runaway.



“The dresses in the Runway section will be tested on the models next week, but meanwhile, Eve will you like to rock this dress for me”, said Chika as she threw a dree at Eve. “You have the perfect body for me! Your curves will fill the dress in all the right places. In fact, I thought about you while designing this piece of art!”



“Really?!”, asked Eve as she entered one of the dressing cabinets.



Jolina went close to the door of the cabinet. “Eve, so will you talk to us about what was bothering you?”



“Yeah, it is nothing serious. It’s just about that guy from the office…”, said Eve.



“Oh! That cute man that you won’t stop talking about! Have you finally done as I said?! Have you asked him out?”, asked Jolina hurriedly.



“Yeah, you see. That is exactly the problem. You know that I met him when we had to work together on a project together. He was very nice to me; buying me lunch and due to the nature of the project, we had to work sometimes at night…”



Jolina cleared her throats, giving Eve the I-Think-You-Did-It look.



“Eww! No, we did not do anything nasty. He was a real gentleman. In fact, there was a time I invited him to my place on a Friday for dinner. It was a wonderful evening. I cooked; we ate and then decided to watch a movie…”



“Oh! Oh! Isn’t that what they call Netflix and Chill?”, asked Chika as she opened the cabinet door revealing Eve in the beautiful dress. “You look amazing, Eve!” She commented as Eve walked out of the cabinet into the mirror-walled room.



“No, we did not Netflix and Chill”, Eve replied. “Can you believe that I was so tired that evening that I slept off on the couch as we were watching the movie?”



“You did what?!” asked Jolina.



“I hope he did not touch or harm you?”, asked Chika feeling so concerned as she helped Eve to adjust the dress.



“No, he did not. As I said earlier, he is a real gentleman. When I woke up in the morning, I found him still asleep on the couch. He also slept off.”



“You seem to like each other. What’s stopping you from taking the next step?”, asked Jolina impatiently.



“I waited for like two months, taking notes of all his nice deeds and waiting for him to ask me out. But he did not! So I took Jolina’s advice and approached him with the question”.



“Oh! No!”, shouted Chika. “Don’t tell me that he placed you in the friend zone!”



“Something like that, Chika! Something like that! He told me that he started to see one of the junior engineers about a week ago. A week ago! And I have been waiting for him, preparing myself psychologically for a relationship with him since we had dinner at my place!”



“Poor you”, said Jolina. “But look at all he overlooked and is missing out on”, she continued admired Eve’s beauty through the mirror.



“It was so embarrassing for me. I did not know how to look at him in the office. But he came to me and said that he would really love us to remain friends. He said that he does not want what happened to destroy our strong healthy relationship”.



“I hope you said no! I hope you have deleted his number and all the wonderful memories you shared with him…”, said Jolina.



Chika interjected, “C’mon, Jolina. They were not in a relationship. You are making it sound like she has to break up with him even though they were never in a relationship!”



“The problem is that I really like him and I cannot continue to pretend that everything is fine when I see him with his girlfriend or at the office. I think I have just ruined everything. Whenever I see his friends or colleagues laughing, I always think that they are making fun of me”, said Eve as she sat on a stool.



“Eve, if you had not asked, you would not have known if you had a chance with him or not. You would have just kept on nurturing your feelings for him”, said Chika as she tried to comfort him. “We just have to look for someone else for you!”



Eve started to cry as she tried to express herself, “I tried going out on dates, but I could not just stop thinking about Chris. I have ruined every date since he denied me. I think I have to go. I think I have to leave. I think I have to go far away from him so that I can start afresh. Maybe seeing him every day is my problem!”



Jolina started to braid Eve’s hair as she said, “No, Eve! You cannot leave! You should see this as a challenge or a battle that you have to win. You know that you cannot always get everything that you want. If you leave, you might fall in love with someone else and that person might not be interested in you. Would you leave that place also? Do you want to become a wanderer just because you fell in love with someone and that person does not feel the same about you?”



Eve burst into tears, “Are you trying to tell me that I am ugly and I will remain single for the rest of my life? Would I remain Aunt Eve for the rest of my life?”



“Eve! No! Look at yourself in the mirror”, said Chika as she wiped off the tears from Eve’s face and Jolina helped her apply some powder. “You are wonderfully and fearfully made. At the right time, you will find the right man for you! Do not get too desperate. Just be patient and everything will work out fine!”



“I do not want to come over to your apartment at Phönixsee to find a note saying that you have left us for good”, Jolina added jokingly. “I will just take over that place for free!”



The ladies laughed.



“Do you remember that song we used to sing back then?”, Chika asked.



“Which one?”, Jolina asked.



Chika started to sing as she summoned the ladies to join her in singing, dancing and walking her mini-runway.

I am wonderfully made

I’m so beautiful

So, don’t touch me!

Don’t touch me!

Don’t touch my beauty

No! No! No! No!

I am wonderfully made

I’m so beautiful!

The ladies kept on singing as they tried on different outfits and walked the Runway. After about two hours, Jolina and Eve left Chika’s house because they had other appointments. They took a selfie and promised to meet more frequently.






2 thoughts on “IF EVE LEAVES

  1. Valtoy B. says:

    Thanks for reading! What would you do, if you were EVE?

  2. Abraham says:

    “…the message of God’s love is priceless” 🙂
    That statement hit me (good) right it the heart.
    Eve has done everything good so far and the of her dids—having the counsel of good companies (her besties) all she has to do now is cheer up, look bright n upright, and Wait!
    Good things come to those who wait on God.
    Adam will ever be restless till he finds his lost Rib. 😀


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