I’ve got my eyes on YOU

Wanting to be at a particular place and position at a particular stage in one’s life plays a huge role in creating a driving force or motivation towards success.


It’s always a dream-come-true when you get what you want just as you have wished for it. It makes you feel happy, accomplished and even fulfilled (depending on your achievement).


But, welcome to planet Earth, the real world, where dreams, goals and ambitions get trashed, truncated or pointed towards another (wrong) direction.

Have you tried looking down at a busy street from the 3rd or 4th floor of a building before? — I think you should try that, then you’ll get to see people hustling and bustling throughout the day just to stay alive, to make ends meet, to fulfill a dream/a goal, etc. Then one wonders why it requires so much hard-work to get to the “Promise Land”.


Why do we have to work so hard just to get a little and much more harder to get a little more?!

Apart from having dreams to fulfill or goals to accomplish, people have burdens on their heads. They have mouths to feed, they need shelter, clothes, protection, etc. Words cannot express the burden some people have to bear.


Even getting a University degree is not easy (well, it can almost be concluded that nothing good comes easy), same as surviving in this world, thereby, causing a lot of people to forget or put aside “what they really want to become” for “what can put food on their table” and this buries the GOD-given talents in us. Many unused talents and gifts are buried everyday just because individuals only live to survive.

Despite all the challenges that come with life, the biggest and the most difficult challenge is YOU.


What?! How can you say that I’m my biggest challenge considering how the world treats and deals with me?!

Yeah, it’s YOU. We, as individuals have been built to overcome all challenges. Unlike fast cars ( Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar, etc ) we are built without speed limits and our worth appreciates by how much distance we have been able to cover. We get flourished and refurbished over and over again no matter the “accidents” we face. I’m not saying we are robots, we are better.


We might not have all the energy in the world to do everything but we have more than enough power, will and strength to move to the next level, to overcome the challenges we are facing. We have the ability to rise again after a fall, to be refreshed, to turn a new leaf, to start a new chapter.


Even after gathering so much and all seems to be lost, we have the ability to start all over (though difficult) and even be better. We have the power to create and destroy. So when we are faced with challenges, we are to fire with a greater force, even if the challenge overcomes us, we are not to give up, we are to RISE AGAIN and FIGHT! Till you get what you want/need.

This world is filled with opportunities, you can be whatever you want to be BUT the biggest hindrance is YOU. Make the best use of what you have.


So when things seem to go wrong, look around you but most importantly check yourself. We are like powerful independent machines. We are so powerful, that if we are mismanaged, we could self-destruct.


As you get through life, keep doing that good, productive and world benefiting thing you love doing the most and keep being happy. Setting your eyes on your goals helps in overcoming discouragement, failure and other vices.


Sometimes, it’s good to set yourself aside as an identity, a force to be reckoned with, an entity you want to see happy and successful. This helps you to coach yourself to be who you want to be, to bring the best out of you.

So every morning, you can say to yourself, I’ve got my eyes on YOU, go and get it!!

Keep the fire burning and thanks for reading.

P.S: this message is for You, Me and US!

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