Camera Queen

“Qui! Qui! My friends, it’s your girl – Jessica Turner the Dynamo. Today is another day and another chance to chase our dreams! Get up, put on something good, go out and hustle hard! By the way, I am wearing this custom-made dress by Bittany Couture and the shoes are of course Jimmy Choo. You know how to find my friend on Instagram”. She winked. “Anyway, I have a meeting now. Stay tuned! I have a lot more to show you today!” She spoke to her camera as she was about to enter the most glamorous building in Lagos called In-Your-Dreams.


“Turn off the cameras”, she said to her cameramen. “I will be back in an hour. Pray for me!”


As the elevator doors were about to close, a lady used her hands to stop the doors from shutting. “There you are, Jessica!” She smiled as she joined Jessica in the elevator.


“Audrey! How are you doing? What are you doing here?” asked Jessica curiously. Audrey had lately grown to become Jessica’s rival because the number of her YouTube subscribers has been increasing exponentially and she has recently been receiving major media attention. Audrey’s Beauty and Fashion YouTube channel became famous not just for the useful makeup and fashion tips, but also for the advises she gives to her viewers. She inspires them to not just to look good, but also to be good and strive hard to achieve success.


“I’m doing quite well. I cannot believe that I would ever meet you here. Congratulations! You are now like the Nigerian Queen Bey of YouTube. I am still your biggest fan! I watch your videos everyday”, replied Audrey with so much excitement.


“That’s very nice to know. I am always happy whenever I meet any of my 50 million YouTube subscribers”, said Jessica with a fake smile on her face.


“I know that feeling! I recently reached the 2-million milestone!” Audrey was so happy that things were working out great for her.


Cover Girls

“Congrats dear, but I have to leave you here”, said Jessica as the elevator doors opened.


“This is where I am also going, Miss Jessica!” replied Audrey.


“Oh No! Do not tell me that…”


“I am here for the Pepper-dem-Gang campaign!” interrupted Audrey as was jumping for joy.


“That is not possible!!” shouted Jessica as she stormed into the office.


Audrey followed her as she entered the meeting room.


“Please calm down Miss Jessica; let us settle this matter professionally”, said the campaign manager as he offered Jessica a seat. “Miss Audrey, you are welcome. Please have a seat”, he turned to Audrey and pointed to the seat at the other end of the table. “I am sure there has been a miscommunication. We initially wanted only you for the Pepper-dem-Gang Beauty campaign, but we changed our strategies and thought it would be more profitable to involve Miss Audrey because of her booming fan base”, continued Wale, the campaign manager, as he addressed Miss Jessica.


“Well, no one informed me about the change of plans. I do not care if someone else is having a booming fan base. I am the most social influential personality in Africa! I have an image to protect. I have single-handedly worked on over a thousand endorsements with worldwide success and I am well-known for that!” Jessica said as she stormed out of the office. “You should settle this issue with my assistants or else you would be hearing from my lawyers!” She added as she returned into the meeting room to pick her folder.


“I am so sorry Miss Audrey, but we have to put everything on hold till we clear the issue”, said Wale softly to Audrey as she led her out of the meeting room. “The management would have to hold a meeting to make some decisions. At times, it could be really difficult to work with divas. I know you understand what I mean”, he continued as the elevator doors opened. “We would be in contact with you, ma’am”.


“I will be looking forward to that”, replied Audrey as she pressed the button leading to the ground floor. She was disappointed that things did not work out the way she expected.


Kiss, Kiss, Bite!

She remembered the very first time she met Jessica. It was at the YouTube Space in Lekki, Lagos. She sat on a red couch that matched the sole of her black Christian Louboutin Douce Du Desert shoes. “Jessica?” she carefully asked.


“Yes!” Jessica looked up at the lady that just distracted her from the magazine she was reading. “Sorry for being rude, but I do not know you. Have we met before?”


“Ah! I cannot believe it! Jessica Turner The Dynamo!” Audrey could not stop shouting. “I am so sorry, but who does not know you?! Your name is everywhere! Even your face!” She continued.


“Please have a seat Miss. Sorry, What is your name?”, asked Jessica as she stretched out her hand to shake Audrey.


“Thank you”, said Audrey as she sat down. “My name is Audrey”.


“Nice to meet you, Audrey. I have never seen you here before. Are you a new employee here or also a YouTuber?”, asked Jessica.


“I am trying to become a YouTuber. I started my channel three months ago, I have uploaded like 15 videos and I am here today because I need some help with growing the channel”, said Audrey.


“Go for it, girl! Just keep doing your thing, be yourself and you would find your fans. Be serious and determined!” Jessica tried to motivate Audrey. “I hope you someone has attended to you?”


“Thank you so much for the encouragement”, said Audrey surprised that Jessica was so nice and sweet. “It seems everyone here is too busy for small YouTubers. I have been waiting in the other room for like 5 hours now, but I have not been able to speak with anyone”, she continued as she admired the VIP waiting room.


“I am so sorry to hear that. It could get busy here sometimes. Well, you seem like a nice person. I could maybe help you with your tips”, said Jessica as she checked her diary. “I will be out of here in 5 minutes. What about having lunch with me? – Well, not just with me. I will be vlogging and you could be in it, if that is okay with you. Or we can meet at the launch party on the 1st of October. I have some VIP tickets”, she added with a smile.


“OMG!! I cannot believe that the Dynamo herself is offering me lunch with her! Please can I have both? I really have a lot to learn from you!”


“Of course, that does not cost me anything and appearing in my Vlog would certainly boost your presence on YouTube”, said Jessica as she took the envelope that an employee brought into the waiting room. “One more thing”, she turned back to Audrey. “You have to sign some clearance paper to confirm that you really wanted to appear in my Vlog. My assistant will explain in details to you”.


“I have read about that before. No problem, I will sign it”, Audrey responded as she also stood up and followed Jessica out of the room.


That was the beginning of their friendship, 5 years ago. Jessica helped Audrey with her YouTube issues, introduced her to her friends in the industries and they became best of friends.


“You have to be very careful with Jessica”, said Ogotola, one of Audrey newfound friends. “You know that she is also the Jessica Turner of Banana Island. It has been rumored that there are a lot of abnormal things happening in that family. And Jessica herself is known for using and dumping people”.


“That is not true. Jessica is the nicest person I have ever met!”, said Audrey.


“I hope you do not regret it o! She is just using you to get more subscribers. She is trying to show the world that she is not just super rich, but also humble, helpful and friendly”, continued Ogotola.


“But she is truly friendly, humble and helpful”, confirmed Audrey.


“Audrey! It is all tactics. The rich wants to get richer by all means and all YouTubers want to get more subscribers and Views. Wake up, Audrey!”, said Ogotola as she picked her camera bag.


“I will think about all you said. Thank you once again for collaborating with me today. I will be at your place next weekend to make your video”, said Audrey as she shut the door to her apartment.


“No problem, Audrey. I did not want to say this before, but I heard from a friend that Jessica said that you are nothing to her. You are just some kind of charity to her. Bye! I really have to go!”, Ogotola said quickly as she ran to her car.


The conversation with Ogotola really disturbed Audrey and made her reconsider her friendship with Jessica. She thought about all their misunderstandings and small fights. “How would she call me her charity project?”, she asked herself.


About two hours after meeting with Ogotola, she started her scheduled YouTube Live Stream. She tried her best to keep her emotions under control as she was showing her viewers some Do It Yourself tricks. After reading a nice comment about her lovely friendship with Jessica, she lost control of her emotions. “I am so sorry guys, but my heart got broken today. I just found out that Jessica has been using me. The friendship was fake”, said Audrey as she interrupted the beauty trick she was performing She started to cry. She narrated the history between Jessica and her. She talked about everything she knew about her. Her comment section was filled with a lot of insults and curses messages for Jessica. It did not stop there, her Live Video was shared all over social media and blogs. Everyone pitied Audrey. She became very popular.



After the outburst on social media, Jessica did all within her power never to cross paths with Audrey. This was successful until the day she met her in the elevator in the In-Your-Dreams building. She really wanted to work with the Pepper-dem-Gang beauty line because they help homeless children all over Africa, but seeing Audrey again after her viral video made her very mad at the company for suddenly pairing her up with someone else for the endorsement deal.


“For the millionth time, I am sorry. Jessica, please forgive me!”, shouted Audrey as she ran towards Jessica, who was about to zoom off in her metallic silver Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon.


She stopped the car. “What is it this time around, Audrey?! I have told you to leave me alone! There is nothing left for you to tarnish! I opened up to you, helped you and you paid me back by making a viral video describing how horrible I am”.


“Jessica! I am so sorry! I wanted to clear the issue with you before my scheduled Live Stream, but you were not reachable”, Audrey started to cry. “Different thoughts were just going through my mind at that moment and I could not control myself! Please, I have explained a million times!”


“But I warned you beforehand! I told you that all those rumors were not true, but you still went ahead to add fuel to that fire. I believe you were the one that used me!”, replied Jessica.


“I never used you, Jessy! It was a true friendship and I want it again. Please, let us make it work! I do not want to lose you. You are a true source of motivation, inspiration and happiness. You are the most hard-working person I know and I miss you”, Audrey begged.


Jessica smiled. “Okay, Okay! We will work together on the Pepper-dem-Gang campaign. But I have to reconsider our friendship. You broke my heart!”, Jessica said as she started the engine. “I miss you too. I will surely think about it. Forgiveness is still in my dictionary”. She drove away.


“Thank you!”, shouted Audrey as she watched her car drive out of the parking house.


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