John Paragon on Finding Your Side-Hustle

importance of having a side business and how to manage your time to avoid to burn out. He advises avoiding doing the same things over again while expecting different results.



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Short Bio about John Paragon

As an aspiring business owner and Entrepreneur, even as a young child, I have always been a believer that EVERYONE should have their own “Side-Hustle” either as a hobby or with the intention of eventually replacing your Primary Income (usually a Day Job)
In this day and age, it’s easier than ever to replace your Primary Income within a short period of time by creating a business opportunity closely related to what you already love.
We ALL have the ability to change lives and create our own freedom.
Sometimes we just need a little direction…

I am the creator of the program “30 Days To Profit”
I’m the owner and founder of a multiple 6 figure software development company that specialises in automated trading and I have worked with hundreds of clients totalling over $100mill in trading capital and well over $20mill in trading profits over the last few years
I’m an award-winning business owner in a $180.5billion dollar industry
And I’m a proud British Racing Champion. Ok, that last part’s not true but I’m working on it!

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