Lost in Paris

Today is a wonderful day, I said to myself as I stared at the swimming pool from the balcony of our five-star hotel room. It was a sunny day in Paris. I was watching the big beautiful golden sun setting right beside the Eiffel tower.

We are visiting France at the right time of the year, I told Lisa as she stepped out of the shower. “We would definitely enjoy our three-day all-inclusive vacation”, I continued as I wrapped my hands gently around her waist and placed a sweet kiss on her rose-scented neck. We stayed in this intimate position for a while until I released her.

I am so glad we are finally taking a break from our busy schedules and spending quality time together, she said as she dressed up at the other side of the room. Done unpacking the last bag, I looked up at her with a smile on my face. “Yes, I am delighted”.

She was wearing a loose white shirt, jeans shorts, a pair of tan brown leather Clarks sandals and velvet MAC lipstick. “Luke, we will be late for our dinner reservation”,she said as she tried to pull me out of the room. I was standing in front of the mirror trying to button up my blue Paul Smith Denim shirt. “You look so perfect and handsome. Now, let us go!!” She picked up her vintage crocodile skin clutch bag. I held her left hand and we went downstairs to the restaurant.

From Bon appétit” to “Est-ce que tu as aimé la nourriture”, we had a wonderful dinner. Those candle lights were making her eyes sparkle. I could not help the feelings any more. We were just a perfect couple sitting in a fancy restaurant dressed so casual and enjoying a bottle of Fidèle together.

I paid the bills and we decided to take a walk around the city with the help of a tourist city guide that we bought at the airport. “I always want to come back home to you. You complete me”, I said to her as we walked along the lake Lac d’Enghien les Bains. Everything was going on lovely and smoothly as planned. A band was playing and the weather was nice, so I got on one knee and proposed, “Lisa, will you be my forever and one day? Would you marry me?” At this time, the passers-by have gathered around and Lisa was surprised. She started crying as she covered her mouth with her hands and stared at the 12-carat Tiffany diamond ring. “Luke, Look Luke…”, she could not continue.

Come back Lisa, what is wrong?” I tried to catch up with her and at the same time hide my face from those who were capturing the scene. I finally caught up with her in a dark alley. “Lisa, why are you doing this? Don’t you want to get married to me?!”

I’m so sorry, Luke. You are so nice, sweet and all, but I am not sure I want this, at least not now. I am not ready to get married now. To be honest, there is a lot on my plate and my heart is still broken from my last failed marriage. I love you. I really love you, Luke, but I do not want to break your lovely heart or put my burden on you. You deserve more than all of these. I am so sorry. I feel so stupid right now. I think we should go back to our hotel room. I am so sorry for ruining all that you have planned for us. This might be the end of us but I really had to be transparent and honest with you.

Lisa, I still love you and I still think that there is a future for us. I understand your pain and I respect your honesty, but you should sincerely leave your yesterday behind you. Do not let your past hinder you from enjoying today. Lisa, set the bird free, turn a new page and write an happy ending for yourself. I held her hands but she withdrew them and covered her eyes with them. “I really feel dumb right now. You should leave me alone”, she said.

I will never leave you alone!”, I answered as I tried to wipe off the tears off her face. “And I would really want us to go and sit by the lake only if I could find our way out of here”. I continued as I tried to look around. I had most probably misplaced the city guide while chasing after Lisa. “Let us leave this place. We will find a way out somehow”. I helped her get up and we walked out of the dark alley.

At this time, the City of Light was filled with a lot of people and we could not find our way back to the lake. “What a perfect day not to be with our phones”, I said sarcastically.

Yeah, we could have used the GPS or something”, she said in a low voice. “But we could ask around”, she continued as she approached someone.

She could speak a little French, so I allowed her ask around as I tried to figure out the route. Everything we tried failed. No one was ready to help us until we met a man and Lisa asked, “pouurais tu nous montré comment arrivé au lac?”

Follow me, beautiful people”, he replied. We followed him as he led us through a smoky alley. “But this can definitely not be the way to the lake!”, I shouted at the man. He replied with a thick French accent, “This path is shorter. I promise you! We are almost there”. After five minutes of walking through the dark alley, he turned around pointing a gun at us, “Hands up bloody tourists! Give me all your Euros!!”, he shouted.

The smoke in the alley got thicker and before I could do anything in our defence, someone hit my head with a gun and I passed out.

I woke up coughing. Everywhere was still filled with smoke. I stood up immediately and started searching for Lisa. “Lisa! Lisa!! Where are you?”, I shouted. Some people started laughing behind me. “Last time, it was Rihanna, now it is Lisa”. They continued laughing. “Luke! Wake up! Where were you this time around? Los Angeles? London? Paris?”, asked one of my colleagues as they were smoking Shisha.

Oh my Gosh!! It was a dream but it felt so real. I was lost in Paris!!”



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