Ms. White: Walking On Sunshine

continuation of Ms. White: MAZE


Enjoying the warm water that was gushing out of the rusted prison pipe. That was the fifth time I was allowed to take my bath. I got the chance to do what I love doing in the shower; one of my favourite songs, Walking On Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves, started to play on one of the officers’ radio, so I got the opportunity to shake my behind during the five minute shower. That day felt like my final court hearing and my last day in prison. I did not know for sure, but I could feel it in my bones. The thoughts of being free after two years of darkness made my waist move and I started rocking it.

“Your time is up, prisoner!!”, shouted the prison-officer-in-charge. “Get yourself together. The van is waiting!”, she continued as she led me out of the shower room.

In the court room, I saw my parents in the front row. That was the fifth time I saw them in six months and just like the previous times, I started crying again. “I hope everything will work out well this time around”, I said to myself as I was led to my seat. The fifth time was already feeling like infinity. I thought it was all simple; the evidences were there and I even got copies in the secret parcel that was sent to me.

The atmosphere in the court killed the little hope I had left. I placed my handcuffed hands on my head as the others and I waited for the judge. “This case does not need more than one court hearing!”, re-echoed the voice of my new lawyer. Mrs. Wellington had been arrested for fraud and legal malpractice and the new lawyer was paid by a human rights union. I agreed with him. I was innocent and there were pictures, videos and witnesses that were all pointing at the killer, but I was not surprised that it was taking so long for justice to be served. But this is what happens when it involves the lions of the world, they do whatever they want, and as long as they get the power, fame and money that they crave for, it does not matter to them, if someone gets raped, killed or in any way destroyed.

The judge walked into the court room and my fate was about to be determined. I could not pay attention to what was going on in the court room. All I noticed was the movement of the lawyers and also the movement of the judge’s lips and eyes. I could see all that was happening but I could only hear my heartbeats until a lady was called to take the stand. It was not her red Valentino dress that caught my attention, neither was it her poise. I knew that face from somewhere. It was not only from those red carpet shows, I had seen her pictures in Mr. Stonewood’s office. “Yes, there she is! I’m dead. This woman is going to testify against me”, I thought as I realised that she was Mr. Stonewood’s wife.

But what she said shocked me.

“It all happened ten years ago when my deceased husband, Philip, was quarrelling with his business partner. I told him…”, she paused as she tried to control her tears. She used her handkerchief to wipe the tears off her face as she continued. “I told him not to make that deal but he refused. He said that he wanted to continue to dine with the devil”.

“So, Mrs. Stonewood, has Ms. White in any way influenced the death of your husband?”, asked my lawyer.

“She is innocent”, she said as she tried to look at me. “But I could not say anything. I loved my husband so much but he was a womanizer and the things I did in order to stay married to that man prevented me from coming out to defend Ms. White. I was held in captive by own past”.

“The killer is not Ms. White, am I correct? You know who killed your dearly husband, right?”, he continued questioning her.


Everyone in the court room was surprised and I was astonished.

“I’m so sorry that it took this long to get the truth out, but I tried all my best. My life was at stake, but I could not bear it any longer. An innocent woman, who was maltreated by my husband, does not deserve to be punished for this crime, a crime that my husband’s best friend committed. But he was blackmailing and threatening me because I was having an extramarital affair with him before I found out what he had done and what he planned to do after the death of my husband. He knew that my husband was having some kind of affair with Ms. White. He had been monitoring them for months and he planned to pin the murder of my husband on her. I feel so stupid for being used”.

A woman with such high social status and wealth caught up in the scandal surrounding the death of the love of her life almost brought me to tears. I could not cry because I was just set free. I was finally found innocent and I was hugely compensated for the injustice that I had faced.

My life got better after that phase of my life. I am now an accomplished businesswoman and I have the opportunity to help women that are facing harassment at their places of work. Helping women like me to become independent and to get all they deserve, brings me joy and happiness. Greater joy than the one I felt on the day I got out of prison. It was like yesterday; I was wearing a short white gown and my natural hair was neatly packed into a bun. I can never forget the feeling of the fresh air, the sudden brightness and the new found freedom. I was walking on sunshine.





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