Of want and what we need to give

I thought in kind, about the faded complexities of Christian life.

I barged through through bolted doors, broke through walls and landed on glass from broken windows without being hurt because I walked in the Faith.

I believed I could do anything – from achieving my goals to praying for others.

It seemed so simple and all I thought I needed Him for was for all I wanted.

Exams came. Aced.

The right woman came. She stayed.

I electrified my belief with the volts of my want and charged my atmosphere with the sparks of the granted requests.

I was pushing the wheel  of me putting aside the Will of Him.

I threw seeds on the fertile soil momma laid when she said ‘ask and He shall give you all that need‘.

And then came the time when He service required of me.

He set tests, plagued my beautiful petals with pests till they became straws, void of zest.

I shrieked.

I wanted the times when I was in His arms, away from the storms and harm the enemy might brew.

I recalled  momma’s words about Him never leaving me.

In the lingering dark of my predicament, my flesh called out to me to relinquish my title as ‘His son’ since my Father had left me to suffer.

I was urged to embrace the dark and see the light as lightning- transient and terrifying.

But the inner parts of the bond between a father and a son kindled within me and led me to the shores of redemption.

I realized I only loved Him because of all He gave.

Pertinent traits of a toddler.

I realized God needed soldiers who would uphold the Faith even when their hands are creaking.

It showed He only gave us those things to prepare us for terrors beyond.

A flame lurks within you, let it reignite your Faith.









Hi. I’m Olanrewaju Abiola. A medical student at the university of ilorin.





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