(continuation of RONKE)

My heart started to beat faster and harder. I left her hand as I took a big bite from the roasted plantain, Ronke prepared for me. It was a perfect weather to be outdoors. I was enjoying the beautiful view of the lake with colourful boats, children running around with colourful balloons and kites, and different groups of people having fun.

I was quite sure that I was still so much in love with Ronke, but I could not allow myself make the same mistake I made the last time. I could remember telling myself that “Pre-Jesus BJ” would have caused a lot of havoc after being rejected by a girl. He would have probably stalked the girl on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and maybe also made some unnecessary visits to her place. “Pre-Jesus BJ” would have done crazy things that he would only live to regret.

Thank you Jesus for saving my soul”

Huh? BJ, What did you say?” Ronke asked.


There was no one I could share my problem with. Ronke was the only one that I felt comfortable enough with to talk about private matters. I remembered that there was someone that always asked me to talk to Jesus – my mother.

I had to talk to someone before it exploded within me, so I ran home to my mother.

Just the perfect time to arrive at home”, I said to myself as I saw my mother’s car being driven out of the garage. I had totally forgotten that it was a Tuesday and my mother goes for bible study every Tuesday evening.

Put your bag in the booth and jump into the car. You are following me to your father’s house this evening”, she smiled at me as she opened the booth.

Mum, but I just arrived from school to visit you. I am so tired!”

I am sure that you are visiting me because you need something. It will not be too much if you first talk to Jesus about it, my son”, she rubbed my head as she drove out of our premises.

After the church service, she parked her white Tesla Model S close to a pizza place. “I know that you have definitely not spent your monthly allowance that I just sent to you yesterday and you have also not gotten any girl pregnant”, she said as she stared questionably at me, hoping that she was right. “So let us go and enjoy some Hawaiian pizza as you talk to me about what is making you look like you have not eaten since the day I gave birth to you”, she continued as she turned off the engine and picked her purse.

As I dived into my pizza, my mother started her interrogation. “So what has been bothering you?”

With a mouth filled with the delicious pizza, I said, “Nothing much, mum. It is just Ronke…”

Ronke?! I hope she is okay! I hope you guys are not playing the ungodly game!!”, she interrupted me.

No! No!! Mum, nothing like that”, I said as I licked my fingers. “We are not playing any games. It is just that things have gotten a little tensed between us. You know that she is my best friend, but I developed feelings for her and I grew some balls and told her about it”.

Balls?! You kids of nowadays”, she laughed. “Well, as I have told you before, your friendship with Ronke is not healthy. I told you that someone will soon catch feelings for the other person. But you told me that that cannot happen. You told me that I am old school. Can you see what you have gotten yorself into. I am so sure that Ronke is in love with another boy and you are here dying of jealousy”.

That is my reason for being here, mom. What should I do? Ronke said that we should still be friends and I actually want that also, because we know and understand each other very well”.

You have to make up your mind, son. It is either you put your happiness first or your intoxicated friendship with Ronke. I mean, if I were you, I would go and make new friends. Godly ones. I would distract myself with creative things and keep myself happy. But you apparently have no friends and that is why you are sitting in your favourite pizza place on a tuesday evening with your mother eating pizza. At your age and size!”. She laughed. “I actually like that you can talk freely about things like this with me. BJ, go back to school tomorrow, face your studies, don’t forget God and also remember to make yourself happy. If you think that you can still be friends with Ronke and not feel jealous, I would advise you not to spend too much time with her. Go out and communicate with other friends. Not everyday and everytime Ronke. You are not on a Ronke-Diet!”

BJ, where did your mind travel to?” Ronke said as she tapped me on my shoulder. “Are you on your period?” she asked and laughed.

I smiled.

So Ronke, tell me what is bothering you!” I said as I took a piece of the roasted fish.

I have thought about this a million times, BJ. I am sure that you are the right person for me”, she said as she stared at me and continued. “I know it took me a long time to realize this and I am sure that I have hurt your feelings a couple of times, but I did not want to ruin our friendship. I discovered that I always think about you, even when I was with my ex-boyfriends. I could not do anything with them without thinking that it would have been better and more interesting with BJ. And I thought that I would get over the feelings for you, but they keep on getting stronger. I sincerely do not know what to do apart from telling you that the table has turned and I am the one hoping that we can become a couple. Please say something BJ!”

Ronke, I have to say that I have been on a slippery floor since the day that I met you. I have been falling and sliding in love with you, but our friendship has always been more important to me. The thoughts of losing you give me nightmares. What do you want?”

I want to spend every waking moment with you”, she said as she leaned towards me and placed her lips on mine.

At that moment, I thought about everything my mummy told me and everything that I read on the internet. My brain told me not to make the wrong decision. It told me not to get my heart hurt. But my heart said that it is cannot get hurt because it is well protected within my ribcage. My brain said NO, but I leaned in and kissed her without thinking about what could happen and without considering that I have been hurt a couple of times before. Love is truly blind and forgiving. It did not really matter what we were up against, I just wanted to be up against Ronke.

I…I love you, BJ!”

I love you too, Ronke!”


  1. Abraham says:

    Lovely. Now, that’s how to end a story. The suspense from RONKE 1 was worth it. Tragi-comedy, with indepth morals. Real life happenings with daily risks.


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