Your chair remains in this lengthy divide that separates your journey from purpose… any one’s purpose. There were times to sit, to be uneasy and to walk away and stare at the chair in contempt like a venereal disease that won’t go away. Other days your voyage is burnt in the sun while your mind sits in the chair.

You sit in a room of people speaking like they had sat amongst gods till you can see the god in them. But only yesterday your voice was drowned in the applause of the memories that were deeply rooted in the future- like the day you finish Uni and the day you get your dream job.

And then something else awes you. The greenness of your valley seemed vague because you began to see flowers in someone else. Your targets were mere traffic lights to others and your goals were goal kicks- another 10/10 Messi drops week in week out. And you think again. Do I ever create anything special? Were those minions that I thought to be demons that confronted me? I almost died fighting them. ‘I’m devastated, they were actually minions’. ‘Oh Lord, I’m a waste.’

You noticed the valley that you spawned in. It was your microcosm, beautiful and perfectly under your control. It was like your mind was ingrained in its soil. Pure and natural, till you saw skyscrapers and called yourself a caveman.

They say ‘poverty is mentality’s fragment’. But all your life you always dreamed of driving the range rover Velar you saw at Lekki but you can’t even buy enough fuel for your Mercedes c300. Life’s rules were engraved in your mind and you had a plan…… everyone’s plan- finish school get a good paying job, build a house, marry and drive big cars. Solid dreams, turned basic dreams. Largely unrealizable as life’s patterns change course.

Life may be cruel. It gives you one shot at it. You miss, you die. Your mind being warped by contingencies may only leave room for error or identity crises or failure.

So you sit in that chair in the valley of your thoughts, itching your parched skin and thinking, whether to fill up the valley till it’s a mountain or climb out of the valley. Whether to set new goals or reinforce the ones.


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Hi. I’m Olanrewaju Abiola. A medical student at the university of ilorin.







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