Hello Valtoybob,


I am writing to you today because I really need your help with a very important issue that has been disturbing me. As a muscular, six feet tall piece of chocolate that I am, a lot of people assume that I am a player. They assume that I go about playing candy crush with people’s heart. But they are wrong!


My name is Daniel and I come from Kenya. I was brought up in a very strict Christian home in Nairobi. My parents taught me to face my studies, build my future and at the end, the right woman will come my way. Valtoybob, the problem is that I am now twenty-six years old and the right woman has not yet come my way!


Up till this moment, I have adhered to their words. I travelled to the USA for my tertiary education and I did nothing but faced my books, serve God and worked hard to have the life I am living now. Just last year, when I graduated at the top of my class, my mother started asking for her daughter-in-law. She said that she was sure that I am involved with someone. “You are the son of your father, the lion himself”, she said. “Now that you have graduated, we have to do your wedding next year! In fact, I have already started to invite all our relatives and friends. So where is the lucky girl that will bear me all my grandchildren?”


I looked at her confusedly and said, “Which lucky girl, mama? You literally forbade me from getting into any relationship until I am done with my studies!”


“You do not mean it?! As tall and smart as you are, you mean there is no girl in your life or any girl that is disturbing you! What about all the sisters in your church?! There is no one you are interested in?!” asked my mother as she gave me the how-you-doing look. “We told you to make God and your books your highest priority. We did not want you to go about wasting your life, time and money on girls with no future. Those girls with tiny legs that will just cut short your glory! We want you to have a serious relationship with a God-fearing woman with whom, you would be able to build a strong family and future!”


My mother started to preach to me, forgetting how she and dad used to threaten me, saying things like “If we see you with any girl or smell that you are fool around with anyone, we will deal with you! No girlfriends until you become a doctor!!” And now, all of a sudden, it seems that they have changed their tone, they are telling me that I am getting not younger and that all my mates in Nairobi are already getting married and giving birth to children. Please, what should I do?!


It is not that I have never tried to express my feelings to the people I have ever been interested in, but I have always had the luck that they are currently not available or just not interested. So most times, I just convince myself that they are not the right people for me. I keep telling myself that it was good that I was not in a relationship because I would be able to keep myself until my wedding night. But how will one have a wedding night, when there is no bride or any engagement?


My friends tell me to keep on shooting my shots; they keep on telling me never to relent in sliding into DMs. But I have never really understood what that means. I have been focusing so much on other things like making money, passing exams, leading a good life and surviving, that I made my social life suffer.


Please, do you think there is still hope for me? Do you think I can learn how to properly shoot my shots? Please teach me if you know – give me tips and guidelines.


Some of my relatives in Nairobi are already planning to title me “Sugar Uncle” because they think I will most likely not get married or give birth to kids. They are already planning to make sure that I am responsible for buying their own kids toys and paying their school fees.


In case you are reading this, kindly give me a tip. Save me before I have to return back to Nairobi and before my parents are forced to look for a wife for me. Do you think I should want a bit longer, maybe I will receive a vision of the right lady? Will I be able to see her picture and details in my dreams?

Your reader,





2 thoughts on “SHOOT YOUR SHOT

  1. Abraham says:

    Daniel o! 😀
    1stly, Congratulations on your graduation.
    I admire your sincerity and state of readiness for necessity on the next step to take.
    Just as we have #hunters, #golfers, #footballers, launchers etc. –all with the aim of a achieving a target/opening/goal– you should focus more on Making the shot Taking the shot.
    Its quite easy and natural to take the shot once you know the basics (which I believe you do).
    The solution is simple -in the case- of marriage.
    A player makes the shot the whole team wins right? Then, why not pass it on to your best option, who never misses a shot.
    It’s either that or HE plays assist and set the shot right at front where you can nail it like Jordan and not #Lukaku or #Yakubu. 😉

    1. Valtoy B. says:

      Daniel will definitely like this comment! Thanks for the advice 🙂


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