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“Must-read stories of all time” ★★★★★

Henry Otedola, the special kind of an introvert, loses everything in his home country. Through a surprising source, he got a second chance and the biggest opportunity of his life. He struggles to get familiar with the culture and way of life in London, to balance his new job and the new opportunities that come across his path. What will become of his life, love and belief? Will the son of the king be enthroned?

Faraway in the heart of Europe lives the Bates family. With the divorced parents and the wayward children, Madam Bates is frustrated and is on the verge of committing suicide. Her daughter, Juliet, cannot wait to get all her inheritance from her very wealthy mother. Will there be an end to all the drama within the family? Is there a possibility for forgiveness and redemption? 

Ronke, a young lady from a very humble family, refuses to be tamed by her father. She fights against arranged marriages. She refuses to drop out of school to become a housewife. She is determined to become a medical doctor. How will she be able to afford a university degree? In the university, she falls in love with a prince in slave clothing. What will happen to this love? Will she be able to get married into his wealthy and high-society family? What is love? What does love feel like? Is it possible to fall in love and at the same time, chase your dreams? Is it a crime for a middle-class lady to fall in love with a young man from a high-class family? Does love really win all the time?

Edward faces a lot of discrimination because he is from a very poor family and has never met his father. He is unable to fit into society. He struggles with the colour of his skin and the uncertainty of his future. Is there hope for him?

Ms White is a victim of racism and sexism. She is being violated by her boss until she is accused of a crime that she did not commit. She will suffer for a crime that she does not know about without the hope of a way out. She fights for her justice and equality. Is there light at the end of her very dark tunnel? WIll help come for the helpless?

Stories wrapped up in love and phantasy. This book is dedicated to you because you are wonderfully and fearfully made. Close your eyes and dream big. Wake up and work hard to fulfil the greatest of your heart desires. The stories in this book follow the lives of people who never gave up on reaching their goals.


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