TADE’s TURN : Spin the Bottle

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The sound of the thunder made us all tremble. It has been raining for the past three hours non-stop. “Tade, it is your turn leave no stone unturned, we want to hear everything, I mean EVERYTHING”, said Hannah staring at Tade with her ocean blue eyes, she immediately added her mischievous smile like she knows everything about Tade or they were quarreling, well, the rest of us were surprised.

“Ok”, Tade said as he cleared his throat looking at each one of us as he was about to start his tale. “Take it easy man, we are all friends!”, interrupted Hannah.

“It’s alright, we have seen you Hannah! Tade please continue”, said John with a smile.

As their conversation was going on, I was getting tired of them picking at each other. Well, they are my friends and I have missed them so much. They are the kind of friends that stick with you through thick and thin yet we find our ways of making fun of each other.


I smiled and looked at Tade as he was looking at Hannah. “Hmmm….something is fishy”, I thought.

Tade, son of Chief and Mrs Abowonile ((Abowonile means ‘We met money at home’)). Everyone knows Chief Abowonile, the business tycoon, one of the ‘movers and shakers’ of the nation and of course, we also know Mrs Abowonile, owner of a prestigious company that owns a lot of supermarkets and Eatries across the nation. I can go on and on describing how successful his parents are. He has three siblings, Tolu, 5 years older than him, studies in London; Tola and Tinu, two years and five years younger than him respectively.

“Enough has been said, can we just get to the game. You know that there is no time!”, shouted the time-conscious Mike.

“Why do we act like babies sometimes?”, I asked myself.

“OK! I will start from the last time we all gathered together like this”, Tade said as he looked around. “It st..start…ed….ed”, he started stammering, then finally burst into tears.

to be continued

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