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ABIKU valtoybob


Now she’s sobbing. “Despite going through throes of childbirth, I can’t believe Olatunde my first son died when he clocked 10 years, Olufunsho who I gave birth to when Tunde was five also died when she was about clocking 8 years and the worst of it all, Bimpe, who I named after myself died some weeks after birth. Why is all of these happening to me? Have I wronged anyone, haven’t I been faithful to you Lord or could I have been cursed during our wedding anniversary?” … Continue readingABIKU

valtoybob! 4.30 pm

4.30 PM

I imagined how steep the cave of sadness and emptiness had become for the family of that man. This life is really a madness. 4.30 pm. Would never remain the same. Again. Life gives me a hundred and I intend to be grateful for every piece of it. … Continue reading4.30 PM