TBERRY PICTURES – “Be known for what you do!”

Got the opportunity to interview a talented young man. I’m sure you know him and if you don’t, then you will hear of him soon! Read the inspiring

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Nice to meet you, Mr. Tolulope Gangbo. Where are you from?

“Lagos, Nigeria”

That’s cool…What was it like growing up there?

“I actually grew up in two states, Lagos and Ibadan. I got to the United States, February 2012”

So can you tell us a little about yourself, your background, etc.?

“I’m the only son of my parents, I have four sisters…one here….one in England and the other 2 are in Nigeria….I studied in Nigeria (high school). I’m 22 years old and I’m a graphic artist/photographer. Have both parents still together and I was born into a Christian home”

Cool….so when did you start being an artist / photographer?

“Started graphic design in 2006 while still in high school but started taking it serious in 2010…I used to do all designs with my pencil ever since I was little..but then advanced to photography last year since I’ve always had passion for it.”

You’re following your passion, that’s good…so how has it been for you so far?

“been fun and productive”

So you advanced to photography last year…does that mean you’re studying Photography in the US?

“not at all……I am not studying and did not study photography…I’m self trained..it’s basically a talent so I built it”

That’s great….what inspires you?

“Nature does…I really can’t explain how but mother nature knows how to get me.”


What catches your attention the most…like when you see it, you just want to capture and work on the piece?

“the sky and tall structures”


Are there times you feel discouraged or like “what am I even doing sef”?

“Yes….there are….especially when my friends started making fun of me then”

So what kept you motivated or encouraged ?

“the passion did…I never give up on whatever I’ve got love for”


Will you like to share how you came about the name, TBERRY?

“the Tberry nickname came from a friend “HADIZA”..we were out, playing around when she suddenly called me Tberry…and ever since then she kept calling me that…other friends heard it and it became part of my names”

What’s your favourite music?

“lool, I don’t have a favourite music…good music is all I deal with”

Cool…that works for me…so where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

“I see myself in my own company in Nigeria”

Oh….cool, hopefully I will visit home and also visit your company 🙂 . Thanks a lot for your time TBERRY …..we will like you to share your motto and also give us a word of advise

“Motto – You can live clean in a dirty world”


“…and my word of advise – “If you never wake up from your dreams, you will keep living in the dreams till you wake no more””


For more info about TBERRY and his amazing work, check out: http://www.capitaltberry.blogspot.com/



I’ve learnt something from this brief interview….Thanks for reading and I hope you’ve learnt something also. Kindly drop your comments and contributions below 😉

3 thoughts on “TBERRY PICTURES – “Be known for what you do!”

  1. Bolaji Gangbo says:

    This is a good beginning son, i am so impressed. You seem to share by concept about the beauty of mother nature most people do not see. Continue climbing and remember also that the road to success is full of stains. Those who say it is not possible will congratulate you tomorrow when you succeed, so never give up on your dream. May GOD will lead you safely to your place in destiny.


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