Everyone wants to call the shots
But no one wants to take the shot.
We walk around freely because the doors never shut
Allowing the paparazzi take those shots
Because it’s summer, we roam the town in our colourful shorts
Getting passes because we are short
Short in height, but the pockets never grow short.

We are teenagers in our mid-teens
Though together, but on different teams
We welcomed the summer way back in our dreams
Dreaming of the beaches and the palm trees
Nothing on our minds but our teenage dreams.

We ride together in our convertible
True, it’s not affordable
But it is comfortable
Our egos are simply incompressible
Causing fights that are incomprehensible.

Everyone wants the throne
And for this struggle, we are known
Today, we fight, throwing shots at each other
But we never keep malice like the adults do
So, tomorrow we reconcile
Forgetting all the hurtful things we did do
Cleaning all the bad blood between us.

Tonight like so many other nights
We fill our shot glasses with “orange juice”
Celebrating everything in our lives and friendship that is nice.

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