Valtoybob The bridge Venice

My love,
I sent a rat
You retaliated with a rattlesnake

We don’t agree on anything
But you are my everything
Without you, I will be nothing

Why don’t we put our differences aside?
Why don’t we meet in the middle?
Why do we continue to fiddle,
When we could cuddle?

Let’s meet on the bridge
The bridge that overlooks the ridge
Guns and bombs are not the solutions
Let us reach a compromise
Let love reign again

the bridge rialto venice italy
The bridge (Rialto, Venice, Italy)

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3 thoughts on “THE BRIDGE

  1. Valtoy B. says:

    Thank you so much for reading this short piece. I would love to hear from you. Much love 😀

  2. Christian Ajibodu says:

    This is awesome. Quite straightforward. May love reign again. 🤗


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