BOOM! In your face

You won’t be able to get me

At least not from your stance

You make a move and I’m gone

You cannot threaten me

Not even with a gun


And no, we are not friends

I am not sitting on the fence

Neither am I at your defence


They say, “Hit the iron when it is hot”

But I tell you, heat up the iron fast and make it hot

Because in the twinkle of an eye

I will vanish into thin air

And all you would have, would be regrets

Wishing you had me by your side


I’m your past, your present and your future

You beg for more of me, but I’m limited

Men have tried to hold me down

But I am limitless


Make the best of me when you can

Because with a little sleep and a little slumber

I will be miles away and you won’t be able to catch up

I’m your Everything, I’m your life

I’m unstoppable



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